Sunday, May 9, 2010

Name Change

The name of the URL is the same, but the new subtitle is "The Official blog of SoulGuard". This blog is not just a personal blog, it is also the blog for my music. Exciting things ahead.


I, Matthew Pazmino, do solemnly swear that I will be in the end credits and be part of the Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures production of "Godzilla". I, being an avid fan, am capable of many talents that I can bring to the production. I will do anything it takes to be in or part of this movie.

Matthew Pazmino

Notes: I am so excited for this production and my life long dream was to be an extra running away, but I want more. I want to have some type of role in the production of this film. Now is the time to seize the day and to pursue one of my lifelong dreams.

Book Fetish

I have always loved books, not always the stories, but the volumes themselves. Sleek covers, beautiful pages, font, and layout. I hate when there is a flaw in them, a minor scratch or bent pages. It is a travesty. So, everytime i buy i book, it has to be perfect unless allowed to be wild. I love books so much and so whenever there is a book that i already have that is tattered, i have to buy a new copy. I never take books out of the library, i want my own copy, to love and cherish forever and ever.


My name is Matt, and I Remember Everything...

A random RE:A quote that popped into my head. That was a good movie. So i do remember there was a lot. First off, let me tell you about my paper fetish. I love a nice, clean slate of paper, mostly lined. So i love notebooks. I am very OCD about what goes on the paper. When i write, if something is sloppy, messy or wrong. I simply throw that page away and start with a new one. I am all about perfection. So i naturally love a nice clean new notebook. I have a small notebook that is very clean. I decided to make it "my notebook". It is the one that will be written in the most with ideas, concepts, and lists. I am using my old messenger bag thats really retro, its my favourite. I will carry all proper things, notebooks, books, writing implements, and other things i need daily. Whatever projects I do, even the most simple ones, they are always done in a professional way. I like when things are done this way and not given the effort it deserves. If you don't give all the effort you can, the evolution of your talent does not progress as fast as it would if you gave it your all. So all my projects are done in the most professional way they can be.

So being the "creative team" for the band Ask Alaska (see previous post), i have decided to take charge of all that is needed to be done, because i hear that the person they did "hire" to do all the stuff isn't that good. So i have to manage the various websites, and design an array of things. I fell in love with Photoshop and realized i can do really well on this program. So i went and decided that i will make a "demo" cd cover for their EP "Pregame". It came out really, really well and i was very proud of it. So i have decided that Photoshop will be one of my favorite computer programs. I will design a full cd layout, with the tray card and the cover and possibly the cd design as well. I will also make the designs for all the merchandise and do all types of cool promotional things. Although they aren't professional band, they do deserve it and i would want someone to do the same. I am their consultant, their guide, not their manager or boss. I don't tell them what to do, i just simply give examples and suggestions because i know more about these things then them so it is only right to share with the people you love.
I have taken initiative in my own music and compositions. One of the first original music ventures i wanted to pursue was one of my all time passions: symphonic heavy metal. My favorite band is Nightwish and i always wanted to be in a band or a solo artist that sang that type of music. I tried out in a few bands when i thought that i only wanted to sing others peoples music and simply help them, because i wasn't confident in making my own music. As i practiced, i realized i do have potential. So i made the initiative to record my music. I am planning on releasing an EP, that is made of 7 songs that i have written by myself, with the exception of one Nightwish song. I wrote the first draft of the lyrics, which will be altered and proofread to make them as good as i could get them. I will have to compose the music after, i have some ideas already, and hopefully get it out. Unless i find a legit band, i will probably use an in studio band to record this and see what happens after that. I hope it shows my flexibility in music styling and to create something many people can enjoy. I already designed a mock cover for the release, and have created my logo. SoulGuard is my "stage name", or whatever you call it, seeing as though i created the word and I love it so much, and it really fits me. So it is better than some of the other ones. I hope it gives a sense of self and identity. I took some pictures that need to be Photoshopped and edited, another thing i always loved. I love editing pictures and making them look "cool". I plan on having definately having a choir included in this recording, I have many friends in my choir that are more than willing to participate for free, i would love to have a small orchestra, but that is too much. Instead I plan on using synth, hopefully sampled sounds and not computer generated, and also some solo instrumentalists, also friends. I am excited to see where this goes as long as I don't blow it off and give up.
For the Godzilla Songbook, which is entitled "The Music of Toho's Godzilla", I am still trying to nail down the proposed songs and finalize a song list to get on this quickly, but not rushed. I have to find the rhythms and the basic line, then embellish, and notate all i do. After it is finalized, i will record it and publish the sheet music. It is a lot, but I am so lucky to know how to multi task.
I have to do a project for a book called "Speak", it is very fun. I have to design a movie poster, which some are simply doing elementary school effort into so it comes out like it would if they were in 5th Grade. I am utilizing PHOTOSHOP! It will be great and It will probably be the best in the class. I am not high headed and arrogant, when something i do is good, i know its good, facts are facts, i don't mean to be this way, which people think I am, its just the truth. I am not rude or anything, its just my personality. I can come off the wrong way sometimes. But, i also have to to write a transcript for the movie trailer, being me, i am recording the trailer as well, with with my fellow actors on the voices and myself on the music. In addition to this, I will also be doing a faux soundtrack. The more effort, the better the score, the better the grade, the better the result.
Still with me? I told you i had a lot.
My iPod, or now retitled the iUltimate, which holds all the music I love on it, will be currently be uploaded with a vast array of music. I decided that, as i get older, i want to keep as much musical memories as I can. It is one of those weird personal things. I am downloading all I can, some hold more interest than others, but still it is for the best.
In a result of my rediscoverence of Godzilla and he brings, I have decided to take on another unfinished task. Learning Japanese. From the beginning, I have always had a love Japan. I even told people I was Japanese. Before all the anime revolution, I was busy watching Godzilla, and devouring every Japan related toy or book and learning all about it. Most of it is forgotten in the back of my mind, but the more i think, the more I remember. I always wanted to learn Japanese, for when I do visit the land of the rising sun, I will be greatly prepared. I have a tattered Berlitz book for beginners, which I never used (for reasons that will be explained in another post. Hint: Book Fetish), but now I have something to start with. I have a list of all the berlitz books available so i can begin this task, which i look forward to very much.
On top of learning japanese, I am now rediscovering Manga/Anime. I never really was a fan, except for the Pokemon and YuGiOh! days, but when all the hype was getting up, I was into it only for the hype, but kind of enjoyed it more. I gave that up quick until i went to AnimeNext convention. I didn't think that I would enjoy it, but i LOVED IT! It was the atmosphere, the people, the experience. Everyone was so nice, which most people do not know because the they think they are nerds and weird, but these people are great. I love the culture and everything. I am gushing as i sit here typing this. I was a fan of the culture, not of actual manga titles, but its pure fun that i will always love. But i decided to go into it after listening to Kalafina, a japanese girl group that sing beautiful songs, which are included in a certain anime, but i loved it so much. I started looking up other theme songs and various vocal songs, Cruel Angel's Thesis from Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of my alltime favorites. I am trying to find a compilation album with a collection of songs, seeing I want to broaden my horizons. When i went to the bookstore on friday, i scoured the Manga section, i needed to pick one copy of manga to get started, seeing i had limited money and had to get a music related book. I scoured and found one called "It Takes a Wizard". I took it home and realized it was an OEL Manga (Original English Language), meaning it wasn't genuine. I was first turned off, seeing that it was "fake", but it is a good story regardless. So i have to go back and look at those titles. I would love to buy so many books, but for full priced one volume books, i can't really do that, but i will!
Thats the end of this post! Supplement posts will come later.


Long Weekend

I literally had to look to see the last day i posted. Three days have gone by. Friday me and a friend drove to the mall because i had to get my phone fixed. I love my Blackberry Tour, but i hate all these bugs. Touch Screens do not work for me, although i wished they did. I want a hybrid touch and buttons. Yesterday i slept till 4 in the afternoon. It was crazy. Woke up for breakfast, then fell asleep. Woke up. It was Mother's Birthday, so we had the family over and had cake. Today is Mother's Day, right now i have no idea what to do. I am now a Toho Kaiju Music junky, it is all that interests me right now. I am composing some little tunes i hope to expand on and working hard on arranging Kaiju songs to post and play on the piano. Everything is going great, i feel like i have so much to say but i can't remember it. I decided to set up an artist Myspace. It is wear i can post all my art, music, and poetry in one place so we can have some more cyberspace. I will upload all the songs i do, the band songs, and all others. Hopefully all works out. I am getting really deep into what an artist is. It is helping me discover a lot. Hope it works out.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Patience Brings Bliss

I absolutely LOVE the scores i received. GFW's is a lot more appealing for some odd reason. Now i really get to dissect the complete music of the Godzilla saga. Tonight will hopefully see the end of my Godzilla music binge. Just a few more albums that are Godzilla related and then some other Toho related ones. Can't Wait!


Today, my garaged door decided to not work. I had to break into my own house. Sigh. I am now home and going to download lovely music. I am also going to get some Music Arrangement/Composition/Orchestration books to improve my talent. Can't wait to complete my collection. I have to decide what songs will be arranged and determine all the rhythms, time signatures, keys, etc. It will be good! I'll be back!


More Music and Arrangement

I finally got the complete final box collection. I can't wait to go home and download them and savour the musical goodness! I also am browsing the Godzilla music archived on my iUltimate and picking songs for possible arrangement. Can't Wait to see what comes out of it!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arranging Songs is Death

I absolutely adore arranging songs. I am currently working on 5 projects, simultaneously. It is bad, but i love multi-tasking. Recently, i have decided, in response to my choral/piano arrangement of "The Sacred Fountain" from Mothra vs Godzilla, i decided to "write" a Godzilla piano book. Of course it will not get published, but it will be free and offer my arrangements of various Godzilla themes and cues from throughout the series, also some from other Toho movies. I hope to get this finished before July, and if not, I will always have time. Trouble right now is deciding a time signature, with attempting to get the note values and rhythms of the songs. Hell! Thank god i have notation paper and lots of notebooks.

Chrome and More

Google Chrome is AMAZING! I Love it so much better than Firefox or Internet Explorer. Its so fast, so beautiful to look at, and the way it downloads files is amazing. Its perfect. Today, i picked up Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. It sounded really interesting and "intellectual", so i can look smart. haha. No, but it sounded really good and my kind of book. Even the foreword by the author is amazing and really let me know that i understood everything she was talking about. I will see what i think of it. Today, i recieved the Godzilla x Megaguirus, and the Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Perfect soundtrack collections. I can't wait to download them and the rest of the missing Perfect Soundtracks later. Then tomorrow i finish off the complete collection with Godzilla x Mechagodzilla, Godzilla x Mothra x Mechagodzila: Tokyo SOS, and Godzilla Final Wars. Its gonna be a good week. Can't Wait!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super 8: The Cloverfield Prequel?

My precious Toho Kingdom just has infored me that there is a Cloverfield prequel/connected movie to Cloverfield. I am interested completely, though not my favorite film, it was quite entertaining. The rumours say that the trailer is a group of people who catch something "alien". Alien: Strange/Unusual is my thing, Alien: UFO, big head, not my thing at all. I am sure it will be good, Its JJ. Still, i am just curious of what it is. I am hoping it is a little more connected. Cloverfield is not an alien film. I hope. Kaiju all the way!


Today, being greedy, i went to the ice cream parlor with a very good friend. I got a large cookie dough, cake mix, and peanut butter cup milkhare. It was good in the moment, but after it was over, i wanted to topple over and die of overexposure to sugar. It was pure heaven in hell. Relaxing is good. I am begging for money, because I am poor. And currently trying to get my fix on some G music. Its going well, but i really want that Box 6. Patience isn't really my best friend, but its what i have to do.

Matt (taking out the x. WTF is it for anyway)


I have discovered this amazing program. Although I haven't mastered it, i can do some pretty cool things on it. Love it!


Today is going fantastic. There are no worries today. I realized if i get sleepy and fall asleep, i get into the gloom that i don't really like. I am enjoying my music, and all the japanese stuff i downloaded yesterday (being a closeted Anime/Manga freak). I don't know or read/watch any specific titles. I just love the subculture. I went to AnimeNext convention in NJ, which is literally one exit and 5 minutes away from me. Going to InochiCon in Philadelphia. Can't wait! Usually you can find great Godzilla stuff, and sometimes they screen movies (DVD, no prints) But with the fully 5.1 movie theatre setup and a big TV. There are all sorts of contests, and prizes and everything. People think its stupid and annoying/stupid. Really, if you don't go overboard, it is pretty cool. But then again, many people go over board with their likings, and so no one can really talk. These people are having fun, and thats all that matters.

Speaking of the Big-G. I am so lucky to be recieving (the mp3s) of the final box in the Godzilla Perfect Soundtrack Collection. Toho Music, the studio that has made all the Godzilla films, in on honor of Godzilla's 50th Anniversary started releasing the soundtracks for all the soundtracks for every film, with their complete score and many extras. I wish i had the money to buy the actual boxes. One day i will get them. One of my all time favorite tracks from the final box is "Kazama's Suicide Attack". Its a great epic piece from the great Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. There are many "versions" or arrangements from the movie, and they are great. I love a good synth and orchestra and electric guitar. Perhaps I will post it on here, to stream of course. But i will review some of the soundtracks on here. Can't wait to listen to them. My iPod is the ultimate of ultimates!

Matt x

Ask Alaska

One of my really good friends has a hardcore/power pop band. They are honestly very good for a beginner's band. Today they released their debut EP/Demo today and i gotta say its pretty good. I of course have a copy and i am loving it. I just got the cd version, can't wait to hear it on my beautiful iPod Classic 160 gb. Their myspace is Check them out. They also have a blogger which is They are really good. Hope you guys who like that type of music like them.

Monday, May 3, 2010


So this is my second blog. Its alot more bloggish than my other one, which is just a blog of all my poems/songs/etc. This is alot more me and my life, and everything that comes in the sundae. So hope you enjoy everything. There are some exclusive news, music reviews, and other things. So thanks for reading.

Matt x