Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today is going fantastic. There are no worries today. I realized if i get sleepy and fall asleep, i get into the gloom that i don't really like. I am enjoying my music, and all the japanese stuff i downloaded yesterday (being a closeted Anime/Manga freak). I don't know or read/watch any specific titles. I just love the subculture. I went to AnimeNext convention in NJ, which is literally one exit and 5 minutes away from me. Going to InochiCon in Philadelphia. Can't wait! Usually you can find great Godzilla stuff, and sometimes they screen movies (DVD, no prints) But with the fully 5.1 movie theatre setup and a big TV. There are all sorts of contests, and prizes and everything. People think its stupid and annoying/stupid. Really, if you don't go overboard, it is pretty cool. But then again, many people go over board with their likings, and so no one can really talk. These people are having fun, and thats all that matters.

Speaking of the Big-G. I am so lucky to be recieving (the mp3s) of the final box in the Godzilla Perfect Soundtrack Collection. Toho Music, the studio that has made all the Godzilla films, in on honor of Godzilla's 50th Anniversary started releasing the soundtracks for all the soundtracks for every film, with their complete score and many extras. I wish i had the money to buy the actual boxes. One day i will get them. One of my all time favorite tracks from the final box is "Kazama's Suicide Attack". Its a great epic piece from the great Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. There are many "versions" or arrangements from the movie, and they are great. I love a good synth and orchestra and electric guitar. Perhaps I will post it on here, to stream of course. But i will review some of the soundtracks on here. Can't wait to listen to them. My iPod is the ultimate of ultimates!

Matt x